Visit a Local Book Store in Sedalia, MO

Quench your Thirst for a New Book

Picture what it's like to open a new book for the first time. You hear the crack of the spine and breathe in that new page smell that all book lovers appreciate. When you're ready to feel that new-book rush, head to Reader's World.

Our local book store is one of the only ones within a 100-mile radius of Sedalia, MO. You shouldn't have to travel far or miss out on the in-person browsing experience. Call 660-827-0940 now to ask about our new book arrivals.

Why Come to Our Book Store?

Don't visit just another chain store to stock up on new books. You'll want to shop at our local book store instead because we...

  • Stock a selection of our toys and games such as fidgets, science toys, play sets, puzzle games, arts & crafts, and education
  • Make local charity donations
  • Offer discounts for teachers and military personnel
  • Give $5 coupons for every $100 spent by our Loyalty Rewards members
  • Feature a Staff Favorites shelf and give expert recommendations
  • Have been in business since 1987

We're a team of life-long readers, so we're passionate about running a book shop where fellow readers can feel at home. Our large selection is the perfect place to find birthday gifts for a friend or a pick-me-up for yourself.

Unlock New Characters, Worlds and Stories

Books aren't just a bundle of paper and ink. They're doors that lead you to far-off lands, introduce you to unique new characters and help you escape into dynamic stories. Start your next adventure today by visiting our cozy book shop.